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About Us

Intent of KEME IX

Transmit all actual mind and energy healing techniques, mixing Ancestral Homeopathic and spiritual wisdom Tools with ultimate Techniques of modern Techno-Holistic Healing specialities based in the Chakra System and beyond, healing sessions, workshops, ceremonies backed up with professionals and recognized lineage experts in spiritual teachings based in the Mind and soul healing and evolution, showing you a way for improving your divine connection with your superior intelligence.


KEME IX  Chakra Healing Hotel and Holistic Center integrate a New Concept we created called :

Techno-Holistic-Spiritual Chakra Healing center


We offer Incredible facilities to receive our guests combining the latest Multisensory Technologies, Tools and Techniques of modern Techno-Holistic and Ancestral Homeopathic and spiritual wisdom Healing.


KEME IX  Integrates Incredible Atmospheres combining the fourth elements for the deep stimulation of your senses, raising and transporting you a step beyond the ordinary, helping  to create and offer New and profound learning experiences supporting mental, emotional and physical healing, Evolution and Awakening of Consciousness:

Our guest rooms are thematically designed based in each chakra, adapted with all their stimulant Chakra energy elements, frequencies, and aromatherapy for your work and extreme relax and comfort.

Our Chakra healing Multisensorial working space is equipped with:


  • Intelligent  synchronized Illumination to Surround Music, 8D Audio HD Mapping Video

  • Frequencies and Chakra power elements to improve deep vibrating energy meditations and connection for cleansing bad energies.

  • Conventional Instrumental Live Music and Pre-Hispanic Instruments, DJ

  • Virtual reality

  •  Temazcal

  •  Presence of the 4 elements in our facilities, Water, Fire, Earth, Air


¡We offer awesome amenities to discover in one Hectare Keme Ix Land to blow your mind!


We seek the harmonic Balance of the Energies of our being in order to keep it integrated to the Collective of the Universe and to the process of Human-Social-Spiritual evolution in a Multidimensional Mental, Emotional, Physical-Psychosocial-Psychoenergetic-Spiritual Loving way.


The Medicine of the future will be based
on controlling the Energy in the body

Mission, vision, goals & values


We offer service to the universe for the awakening of consciousness, learning self-healing through chakra vedic hinduism philosophy techniques in order to expand knowledge and connection with the divine vital energy force through different ancestral and modern techniques, energetic exercises, surrounded by each chakra elements and frequencies, workshops and chakra healing therapies as other related holistic specialities for personal healing taking you through a personalized journey.

With the intention in the future of expanding and sharing this teachings with other human beings, with mental and emotional problems like depression, anxiety, insomnia, trauma, fear. Spiritual introspection orientation to connect with the great spirit following your intuition, living in harmony with yourself and with the universe, creating your own reality, working on your life mission objectives.

Keme Ix is based on connection, without religions and direct with the Great Spirit.

We work with Fundamentals and Professional Support based on:

Psychoenergy, starting from the Thoughts in your mind, beliefs and will or intention of the people, management and correct use of Prana, subtle Energy and Chakras, we focus on offering various programs and workshops that address and support all aspects of the "I".


- We help to understand how certain negative mental and emotional conditions cause us blockages, creating our own limiting barriers that prevent us from prospering in any environment and process of our lives, generating long-term diseases


At  KEME IX , we embrace Ancestral Wisdom as the latest Holistic and Technological Innovations Available for your process.

Who We Are

We are a community united by the divine life energy of the universe, to support the evolution of consciousness of souls living a human experience. Our service is to share since the ancestral vedic knowledge and the latest studies based on the subtle energy and the Chakras, their functions.

On the hand with techniques, practices, exercises, meditations, frequencies, ancestral sacred ceremonies, master plants of power, through our Masters, Shamans and Marakames experts in ancestral medicine of lineage. recognized and our expert teachers in different complementary alternative medicine specialties. 

Meet the Founders

WhatsApp Image 2021-08-04 at 3.27_edited.jpg

Jordi Vilar

Visionaire engaged with service for humanity evolution through divine connection with the Great Spirit.

Ancestral medicine activist for 24 years , conscious awakening multidimensional lightworker, Spiritual Guide, Mehtaphysical, mind, energy, chakra healing, certified Pranic Healer ( WPHF ). Creator of Keme Ix concept.


Erick Rivas

Humanist. Believer in ancient wisdom, science, technology, AI and the power of the mind, heart, energy and evolving consciousness.


Founder and CEO/CTO of technology companies since 18-years old.  Three exits later… intentions have come to fruition: combining science + ancient wisdom. 



Scuba diver of concepts. Story gatherer. Unsatisfied with the status quo. Purpose-driven. 


Raised by a yoga guru. Industrial-Organizational psychologist. Former Co-founder of two well-being startups. How we consume thoughts, breathe and food is my formula.



Marielle Vilar


Paulina vilar

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