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Ahó Restaurant

Food is Medicine

Everything that we put into our body can either enhance or negatively influence our health. From the ingredients and preparation to digestions and appreciation, every element of what's on our plate, how we eat and consume food matters! It's the mindfulness connected to food (viewing it as a process) that can truly boost our overall health. 

Chakras, our key energy points are related to a specific areas of our bodies and are directly connected to key organs. Each chakra is represented by a different color, and thus foods of the same color can support the function of each organ, preventing illness and leading to increased longevity.

Our Chefs

Our chefs help you change the way you eat and feel.

We work with a diversified group of chefs from around the world. Their intentions and connection to the food is the energy we seek, as it is the source of inspiration. Our mission is to offer a taste of what goes on in the chef's mind, embracing their creative spirit, beyond their determination and the work itself.


They bring to the table their international experience as well as the atmosphere a kitchen deserves - to feel like home. We also feel very strongly about diversity and inclusion, thus our kitchen is open to all, teachers, mentors and explorers from various backgrounds.

Dietary and Spiritual Needs

Different people have different dietary, spiritual needs and beliefs. We offer dishes that meet everyone where they are at, while honoring their psychological and physical needs. Considering various philosophies, idolisms, studies, perspectives and personal choices, our decision was to offer various dishes such as vegetarian, vegan and on some occasions halal meat & seafood dishes - all of which incorporate care & mindfulness, from how we grow, feed, nurture, process and prepare food.

Image by Charles Deluvio

Authentic bold flavors. 

Healthy Vegetarian Burger

Simplest ingredients you'd love.

Seafood &
Kosher/Halal Meat

Farm & ocean-raised seafood

& meat

Our Dishes

Abundance of Organic Ingredients

Tea Pot
Natural Herbs
Triple Blended Coffee Beans
Image by Anastasia Zhenina

Culinary Workshops

Your culinary adventure awaits

Our Community Kitchen

We host weekly culinary workshops where we invite you to engage and hone on your culinary skills. You'll leave these classes with more than just recipes, gaining a taste of food and stories, form connections with the ingredients and others. Most importantly, you'll learn how to nurture each chakra with food.

Cooking Class
Image by Mike Erskine

The "Food-Body-Mind Connection"

Before, during and after every meal you can experience much mindfulness, from appreciating the food, to how you chew and digest the food, to who you share your meal with. We offer you the space to create meaningful shared food experiences with others. Sharing a meal can allow you to forge new bonds, share stories and connect with others on a deeper level.  

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