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• Transmit the Knowledge, theory healing tools and history of the Chakras according to the ancestral Vedic- HIndú philosophy

• Provide knowledge and foundations for energetic chakra healing

• Personalized Psychological spiritual multidimensional Diagnostic analysis of the actual mental, emotional energetic health, together with Kirlian Aura diagnostic study of the patient  to determine in which of the Chakras with the greatest need for work in the Keme IX

• Work, psychological, energetic stimulation, based on ancestral and modern techniques for unblocking, cleaning, charging and healing of Chakras

• Stimulate the awakening of consciousness and awareness of your etheric body and spiritual connection with the divine  through different workshops, disciplines, exercises together with worldwide renowned and lineage masters focused on Energy healing,  psychological training, subtle energy, energetic flow frequency, keeping chakras open and flowing.

• Follow-up programs for  future work therapies for the guest

• Support and help to communities and foundations of homeless children, giving them work, shelter and spiritual education

• Avoid blockages or negative mental beliefs, thoughts, emotions generating negative energy and frequency that lead to anxiety, depression, low frequency attitude, low energy, low self-esteem, fear, ending in illness

• Generate a new elevated consciousness, opening and reinforcing the development of incredible New awareness connections, neural pathways, positive proactive, intuitive, creative, mental, emotional and energetic healing possibilities for the human being.

• Generate greater Introspection, intuition, connection with universal wisdom and understanding of your real mission on earth connected as a part of the universe, providing emotional peace and harmony in your process, specifying your life goals and objectives for an harmonic proactive harmonic abundance life in love frequency.



Mental and Energy healing with a positive evolution impact in emotional, spiritual, physical, awakening of consciousness, knowledge and practice of different ancestral techniques to connect with life force creative vital energy and its divine wisdom, connecting with the energy, frequency and consciousness of the great spirit.


Expand the Keme IX concept into 11 chakra healing centers in magical healing energy points on the planet in the next 3 to 5 years.


The Keme Ix and its technologies for analysis, diagnostics, ancestral healing techniques, workshops and therapies through therapies, meditations, energy and breathing different disciplines and exercises for the healing process, are supported by recognized institutions and subject matter with certified expert teachers masters recognized worldwide in the holistic world, and renowned  linage shamans, marakames.




Instruct and train participating guests in the Chakra Healing Program that is made up of:


1-Mental emotional evaluation, current diagnosis of the Aura of each guest participating in the Chakra Healing Program

2-Transmit the knowledge, the tools, share the ancient Indus philosophies, techniques and disciplines on the Chakras


3- Impart techniques from Most advanced and recognized masters and teachers, energy exercises, meditations, yoga, nutrition and optimal psychology of the Chakras, as well as the connection in the mental, energetic, emotional and physical world of our guests.


4-Expand The concept of Keme IX in 11 chakra healing centers in magical energy healing points on the planet in the next 3 to 5 years.



The Keme IX has 24 years of experience in its walk through the world of healing, sacred ancestral medicine and traditional holistic, we offer safe experiences with the support of lineage of shamans and teachers in power plant ceremonies from Peru, Bolivia, San Luis potosí Mexico, Tepoztlan, Amatlan, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, USA, with sacred teachers, marakames, shamans, healers, metaphysicians, neuroscientists, combining all their experiences and methodologies for spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, energetic healing. and motivational of the individual.


Ceremonies with ancestral medicines, energy and physical exercises and the importance of awareness of psychological work for optimal mental health and undertake this adventure of energy healing through our energy vortexes, The Chakras.


The teachers of Reiki, Yoga, Meditation, Sound Healing, Frequency healing, Energy Healing, Psychology, Astrology, Neurosciences, Bioenergetics, Quantum Bioresonance, Quantum Physics, hypnosis, breathing techniques and exercises, Pranayama, Biofeedback, Aura reading, Mindfulness, Neurosciences, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Kung fu, Qigong, Chi Kung, Crystal Therapy, Pranic Healing.


They are certified in the different specialties by the main scientific and neuroscientific institutions, we collaborate with the most important institutions in the world such as:



• Integrative techniques University of Arizona

• Complementary alternative medicine university of Rochester school of medicine

• National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health

• Theosophical Society New York

• The Tiller Foundation- Psychoenergetic Science

• Energetic an vibrational medicine

• Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine

• Energy Medicine Professional Association

• Institute of Internal Studies of the Philippines of Master Choa Kok Sui (Institute for Inner Studies by MCKS

• Subtle energy worldwide experts and researchers

• NCCOEP national certification center of energy practitioners

• Alliance of energy practitioners

• ISSSEEMS science research

• East West Academy of healing arts (EWAHA)

• Association for comprehensive energy psychology

• International Association of Reiki professionals

• National Alliance of energy practitioners from the American polarity therapy Association (NAOEP)

• Oklevueha Native American Church (ONAC)

• American Indian religious freedom Act.



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