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Erin & Irina

REIN Activation

This is what we want to do at Kemeix 

REIN brings us into a state of health and balance by allowing energy to vibrate in every cell of our body and in every one of our energy centers or chakras.
REIN is a process that works on 3 levels: mental, emotional and spiritual or mind, body and soul. 
Mind- hypnosis
Hypnosis helps us transform our limiting beliefs into more expansive ones. These limiting beliefs often come from society, family, and our environments. Letting go of these will allow us to thrive in life. 
Body- Breathwork 
Breathwork utilizes the breath to shift and transform energy, bringing your body into a state of balance. Your most powerful transformation tool is already within you. 
Soul- Reiki and Kundalini 
Reiki and kundalini taps into the spiritual/soul level. When the energy flows with ease, the body and your life are in balance. We will facilitate the flow of energy through pressing on certain points in the body as well as moving energy.

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