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Crown Chakra


Sahasrara chakra, crown chakra, also called the crown center or thousand-petalled lotus flower. The seventh chakra is located at the highest point, above our head and in the center. It opens upwards.

The coronal chakra is where the supreme perfection of man sits. In some writings bequeathed by tradition, it is represented in suspense on the head of the man. It shines with all the colors of the rainbow, but the predominant color is violet. The outer flower of the chakra consists of 960 petals. Inside there is a second flower with 12 petals, which radiates white light interspersed with golden rays.

In a similar way to how colorless light gathers all the colors of the spectrum, in the supreme chakra all the energies of the lower centers gather. The coronal chakra is the source and the starting point for the manifestation of all the remaining energies of the chakras. Here we are united with the attributeless and amorphous divine being, which contains within itself all unmanifested forms and attributes.


Color: Violet, also white and gold.

Symbol: 1,000-petalled lotus flower.

Basic principle: Be pure.

Body correspondence: Brain.

Corresponding gland: Pineal gland (epiphysis).

The influences of the epiphysis have not been fully elucidated scientifically. With great probability it influences

the whole organism. When this gland fails, premature sexual maturity occurs.

Astrological Correspondences

Capricorn/Saturn: Intuition, concentration on the essential, penetration of matter with divine light. Pisces /


Neptune: Dissolution of boundaries, surrender, unification.


For the understanding of astrological correspondences

IN the specialized bibliography we find the most diverse correspondences of the planets and constellations with each of the chakras. Obviously, there are several systems that start from different premises. For example, planets and constellations are assigned certain colors. Through these chromatic correspondences we can draw conclusions about the related chakras, since each of them also has a certain chromatic radiation. Other systems start from the elements, which are in correspondence with both the constellations and the chakras. Other possibilities are those offered by the correspondences of the organs and parts of the body with the planets and constellations, which allows us to draw conclusions about the correspondences with the chakras. Often we also find a combination of several different systems. Another system assigns the seven planets of classical astrology (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn) to the seven chakras. Here is accentuated the fact that the correspondences vary in a higher evolution of man, with which the transaturnal planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) are also incorporated, which were not discovered until recent times.

We think that each and every one of these systems has a certain validity and that it recognizes certain aspects of the field of manifestation of each chakra. Naturally, in the astrological correspondences that we have indicated in the chapters dedicated to the individual chakras, we have taken into account the different assignment possibilities whenever they seemed sensible and logical, and in each case we have mentioned the aspect or the functioning with keywords. e chakra represented by the corresponding planets and constellations.

Mission & Operation of the Seventh Chakra

Purification & activation

It is the place where we find ourselves at home: from here our journey towards life started, and here we return to the end of our evolution. Here we live and experience ourselves in God, we have become one with the divine origin from which we proceed. Our personal energy field is fused with the universal energy field.

Everything we grasp, first intellectually and then intuitively, now acquires a complete understanding. The knowledge that we obtain through the coronal chakra goes even further than that provided by the third eye, since we are no longer separated from the object of perception. We live the different manifestations of creation, among which our body is also found, as a game of divine consciousness with which we have become unified.

The pathway for the development of the supreme chakra is indicated briefly by the violet radiation.


Violet is the color of meditation and surrender. While in the activation of the six lower energy centers we could influence in a concrete way, here we can only open ourselves and become a receptacle.

Through the unfolding of the seventh chakra the last limiting blocks of the remaining chakras are also dissolved, and the energies begin to vibrate at the highest frequencies of which they are capable. Each chakra becomes a mirror of the divine being on its special plane, thus expressing the supreme potential available to it.

As soon as the coronal chakra is fully awake, its mission, to receive the cosmic energies, is over. Now it is he himself who emits energy. To do this, the "flower cup" bulges outward and forms a crown on the head.


Harmonic operation

In the seventh chakra there are no blocks in the true sense. It can only be more or less developed.

When the coronal chakra begins to open, you will experience more and more frequent moments in which the separation between your inner being and the outer life is annulled. Your consciousness is completely calm and relaxed, and in that calm you live your true essence as the omnipresent pure being, in which all things exist.

As the coronal chakra unfolds, the appearance of these moments is more frequent, and each time they are experienced with more clarity, until they become a permanent reality. When your being is ripe for it, this ultimate enlightenment can appear suddenly, and there is no way back in your evolution. You have the feeling of having awakened from a long dream and of living reality only now. On your way there, you have become an empty vessel, into whose empty receptacle the divine being has poured into its last corner. Now you know that this is your true essence, the only permanent reality. Your individual "I" has become the universal "I": In your performance you realize the intention of creator, and the light that you radiate opens the hearts of all beings that are sensitive to the divine presence. If you now want to know something, you need only direct your attention to it, since everything exists in you in the divine being with which you have become one. Thus, creation is a game played out in the infinity of your own consciousness.

You know that even solid matter is nothing other than a thought form in divine consciousness, and that as such it does not exist in the true sense. Everything that you have considered real becomes an illusion. You live the maximum emptiness: but this emptiness is identical to the maximum fullness, since it is life in its pure essence. And this divine essence of life is pure happiness.

In the years in which, due to the life cycles, there is a special opening for the energies of the coronal chakra, you receive the opportunity to acquire in the framework of your previous evolution a depth of knowledge and a totality that until then did not seem possible. Meditations and feelings of surrender to God can give you more than at any other time insights into your divine origin and provoke experiences of unity. So you should take this opportunity to go inward more than ever.

In this context, we also consider interesting the fact that a baby's fontanelles remain open from the first 9 to 24 months of life. In the first epoch of their earthly existence, children continue to live in the consciousness of an undivided unity.


Repercussions of a predominantly closed seventh chakra

As we have seen, the opening and harmonization of the chakras described so far can transmit us a great fullness of knowledge, experiences and capacities. But without the opening of the coronal chakra you will always have the feeling of separation from the fullness of being, and therefore you will not be totally free of anguish. Due to this anguish, a rest of residual blockages will continue to be maintained in the chakras. The chakras will not be able to unfold the full breadth of their possibilities, and the individual energies will not vibrate in perfect harmony with the intention of the creator, and therefore there will not be full harmony between them.

If in the years in which the evolution of the coronal chakra is approaching (see life cycles) you do not open yourself to spiritual truths, at that time feelings of insecurity and disorientation may appear. You should interpret it as a wake-up call to look more inward. You are probably also aware of a certain lack of meaning in your previous life. The anguish of death may also appear more clearly in your consciousness. You may try to suppress these corrosive feelings by taking refuge in a good number of activities or by loading yourself with new responsibility, to prove that you are essential. But it happens not infrequently that people in this stage attract to themselves a disease that forces them to rest. In case you do not pay attention to the messages, probably in later life you will get stuck in the exteriorities and in the limitations of your personal "I".




Natural experience

The spaciousness and immensity, the proximity to the sky and the liberation of the events of your personal life, which you can experience on the lonely top of a high mountain, are the most suitable to favor an opening of your coronal chakra.


Sound therapy

Musical form: The music for the crown chakra is silence. In silence our whole being is extremely vigilant and receptive to the divine sound that resonates through all creation and that represents the force of love and harmony in all its manifestations. But any music that brings you into this silence, prepares you for it, or introduces you to it, is suitable for the crown chakra.


Vowel: The "m" sound opens the crown chakra. In India it is also considered a vowel. The "m" is intoned in the SI clef of the scale. It is like a perennial buzz, without limits and without structure. Thus, it represents the undivided unity, the pure, amorphous and unlimited consciousness, in which all forms are contained in latent form.


Mantra: OM



Violet and white work by opening and widening the crown chakra. The violet color causes a transformation of the spirit and the soul and opens them to spiritual dimensions. It dissolves limitations and can lead you to experience cosmic unity.


The white color contains the entire spectrum with all the chromatic nuances. It integrates the different planes of life into a hierarchically superior whole and opens the soul to the light of divine knowledge and healing.


Gem therapy

Amethyst: The red fire of activity and the blue light of sensitivity, silence and spaciousness come together in amethyst in a new force. Amethyst provides a tranquility full of life in which anguish and disharmony dissolve, and transmits confidence and dedication to the forces of the universe. It directs the spirit towards infinity and favors meditation and inspiration.

Rock crystal: The rock crystal guides man to a greater totality that harmonically brings together the varied multiplicity of life. It brings clarity and light to the spirit and soul and promotes spiritual knowledge. Help the soul to unite with the universal soul. In addition, it dissolves stagnations and blockages, provides protection and gives new energy.



Frankincense: It is not by chance that incense, which is obtained from frankincense resin, is the classic medium used in religious ceremonies to make incense. Its aroma has a sublimating effect on the spirit and soul and purifies the atmosphere. It allows us to leave the everyday behind, deepens the capacity of faith and elevates the soul to a plane where it can become a receptacle for divine light.


Lotus: The lotus flower is in the East a symbol of beauty and spiritual perfection. Sinking its roots in the mud it rises with its flower above it. Likewise, a complete man who lives in the world; however, its true essence remains intact and it is one with God. Light and harmony radiate from it and spread love, joy and knowledge to the world. The scent of the lotus flower inherently carries this message. It guides the sensitive and willing soul on the path to unity with God.

The opening of the chakras is a journey towards yourself, a journey towards life and a journey towards God. It is a holistic method of unfolding all the potentials deposited in you as a man.

Some of the possibilities that are offered to us we have called "therapies", which should not be understood in the sense that these applications can only be used in medical practice. The word "therapy" comes from the Greek "therapeua", and means "to support someone on their path": and in this sense, for example, aromas, sounds, colors and precious stones can be very helpful companions on our way to opening and harmonizing the chakras.

If the positive effects of chakra therapy are to be long-lasting, they must be coupled with an internal process of maturation and growth. To achieve this, we ask you to take the following into account:

1) Select one or more of the forms of chakra therapy that we have shown that are most evocative for you, and practice it as regularly as possible. Select your own size. Only in this way is continued development possible.

2) If during a chakra therapy blockages are unleashed in the chakras, it is possible that you will relive the experiences or feelings that caused the blockages. They can also appear temporarily


Chronic diseases manifested in an acute way: in a similar way to how the desired healing reaction occurs in different natural healing methods.

Let these reactions occur on their own without intervening and without judgment. Don't hold back your laughter or your tears. Everything you experience in them is a necessary and valuable aspect of the natural purification of your chakras. You yourself will notice when one of these debugging processes is too intense for you. In this case, let the treatment gradually subside and remain for a while sitting or lying down, paying your most fervent attention to the processes that take place in your body and your soul: until they stop casting their shadows on you.

3) Pay special attention to the opening and harmonization of the heart chakra, which constitutes the central point of the chakra system, since in it is the love that opens you to life and other people, a love that is capable of neutralizing all tensions that could close your chakras again. By opening the heart chakra you can ensure that the other chakras also remain open and that their potential can be expressed in the best possible way.

4) Be attentive to integrate into your daily life all the experiences that the gradual opening of the chakras brings you. Do not reject anything; contemplate everything with frankness and love. Only then will you be able to understand the messages and take advantage of them for your life and your development.

Before going on to treat each of the forms of therapy in detail, we would like to advance something fundamental for its understanding: at the beginning of our creation we find conscious, pure and unlimited energy, an energy that has not yet manifested itself, which is still amorphous. and without attributes. When this form of consciousness begins to vibrate, energetic structures arise that, with their variations and transformations, cause all the multiplicity of creation phenomena. The more compact the vibrations of the original conscious energy, the more concrete and tangible its expression will be, until finally the so-called solid matter emerges from it.

We know a similar principle from quantum physics. This describes a unified field, a field of minimum excitation of matter that contains in latent form all excited states of matter, outside of which they appear as phenomena and provoke the visible world. In the process of the manifestation of the fundamental conscious energy some fundamental vibrational patterns are first developed that run through all of creation on all planes. We know that colorless white light is diffracted into the seven colors of the spectrum, from whose combinations all the chromatic richness of our world is obtained. The same fundamental oscillatory patterns as in the realm of light are manifested as determinate colors. We find them in the world of sounds, in the form of certain sounds. Here too there is a fundamental scale on which an almost infinite number of musical works rest. The same can be applied to the abstract world of numbers, to the world of shapes and movements (as manifested, for example, in dance), to the vegetable and animal kingdoms and to the empire of aromas, crystals and minerals, metals, etc. In astrology, the fundamental vibrational patterns are expressed by the principles of the planets and concrete constellations, and in man we find them in the form of different qualities, ideas and sensations, as well as in the workings of certain parts of the body and organs, which in turn correspond to the respective chakras. Through the law of oscillatory resonance it is possible to also incorporate the chakras. When through our inner or outer senses we merge with a certain pattern of vibrations, the vibration of the corresponding chakra is stimulated and activated. Let's give an example. Under the influence of a soft pink color tone, a feeling of softness and delicate love is awakened in your heart chakra.


On the gemstone plane, a rose quartz would cause such an oscillatory resonance, and in music it could be, for example, the soft melody of a harp or violin. Also a delicate and loving touch can provoke a corresponding vibration in your heart chakra and help to open it and activate its own vibration. In this way, in all areas of creation you will find manifestations that correspond to the principle of softness and delicate love and that awaken it in you.

In the preceding chapters, we have assigned each chakra its corresponding natural experiences, colors, gemstones, sounds, and scents, which can be used for chakra therapy. The clearer, purer and more natural the vibration of the medium you use, the more effective it will be in activating the vibration of your chakra in its pure and original form and in neutralizing negative influences or a dysfunction of the chakra.

Natural experience

Nature offers an immense amount of possibilities to act on the chakras, purifying, harmonizing or activating them. The beauty of its landscapes, its waters, its animals, its flowers and its plants, joins the vibrations of the three lower chakras and power and favors their original functioning. In combination with the three upper chakras, the beauty of our planet helps to manifest and stabilize the energies of these chakras. The sky, with its changing colors, lights and stars, exerts a widening and lifting effect on the three lower chakras, and helps the three in their original functioning.


upper chakras. In the heart chakra, the beauty of heaven and earth meets their specific vibrations in love.

Let natural experiences act on you in an attitude of inner silence, receptivity and gratitude. This opens you up and makes you sensitive to all life-enhancing and healing influences.

Concentrate cautiously on the corresponding chakra while imagining that through that chakra you receive the concrete natural experience. Let all the feelings and sensations emerge in you: they are an expression of the purifying and activating effect that the conscious natural experience exerts on your chakra.


Sound therapy

Sound is vibrations that become audible. If our sense of hearing had a greater range and could perceive all frequencies with any intensity, we would hear the music of flowers and plants, mountains and valleys, the song of the sky and the stars, as well as the symphony. of our own body.

The knowledge of modern science confirms everything that the mystics and sages of all cultures knew and have used for the harmonization, healing and expansion of the consciousness of man: all the life of creation is sound. Man and his world have arisen by sounds and are maintained by them.

Science confirms that all the particles in the universe, like all radiation forces, all natural forces and any information, receive their specific properties by their musical structure: by frequency and pattern, as well as by higher harmonics. of its specific vibrations.

Indeed, the universe, of the billions of possible physical vibrations, chooses with an overwhelming frequency (ratio of one to a million) the few that have harmonic character, the proportions of the series of harmonics, of the major scales, and in more rare cases, of the minor scales, of the scales of sacred music, of the Indian ragas, and so on.


For example, protons and neutrons in oxygen vibrate on a larger scale; in the emergence of living green plants from light and matter tritones are produced: each flower and blade of grass thus sings its own song, and all these songs sound harmonious together. If they didn't, they wouldn't thrive together, as is indeed the case with some plant species.

Much of our current knowledge of plants is due to modern photoacoustic spectroscopy. For example, thanks to their help, the blooming of a rosebud was made audible: an organ-like roar reminiscent of the sounds of a Bach gig. And modern radio telescopy has confirmed that the cosmos is also full of sounds, that each celestial body has its own song. Our music is an imitation of this music of life. In the religious services of many towns it represents a repetition of the act of creation. It is an important energy for life that penetrates all manifestations: an energy that is strong enough to preserve and renew life. We can take advantage of it to unite again with the forces of life, which are effective in the innermost core of all things, to restore balance to our energies and bring a state of harmony with life throughout the universe.

However, not all music is suitable for this purpose. From our own experience, we know the different sensations that different types of music trigger in us. Music can have a relaxing and sedative effect; it can bring us to a state of balance and harmony; it can be life-giving and inspiring; or also be superficial and trivial.


Inharmonious sounds can even cause nervousness and aggression, or a feeling of bewilderment or discouragement.

The effect of the different types of music was intuitively palpable in numerous demonstrations performed with selected animal and plant species. For example, with classical music, chickens lay more eggs, and cows also give more milk; on the contrary, with rock music the frequency of laying of the hens rapidly decreases, as well as the milk production of the cows. Plants that were sprayed for a long period of time with rock music would sadden and grow, growing in the opposite direction from the speakers. On the contrary, they reacted to classical music with faster growth and produced more leaves and fruits than the plants in the control group that were not exposed to any type of music. Plants seem to particularly prefer Bach's music. Hearing these chords, some plant species leaned at an angle of 35 toward the speaker. The music of the Arab sitar seems to exert an extraordinarily positive influence. In this case, the angle of inclination reached up to 60 degrees, and the plants located near the loudspeaker even came to envelop it, as if they wanted to join with the source of that music that fostered life. To folk and country music the plants seem to react in a neutral way: they did not show any type of reaction that would differentiate them from those of the control group. What applies to plants and animals also applies to men. If we want to activate and harmonize our energy centers with the help of music, we must select it carefully.

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