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Third Eye Chakra


Ajna, frontal chakra or third eye, eye of wisdom, also called inner eye or chakra of orders. The sixth chakra is located one finger above the base of the nose, in the center of the forehead. It opens forward.

Through the sixth chakra the conscious perception of being is consumed. In him the superior psychic force, the intellectual capacity of differentiation, the capacity of the memory and of the will is based; and on a physical level it is the supreme command center of the central nervous system.


Color: Indigo, also yellow and purple.

Sensory function: All the senses, also in the form of extrasensory perception. Symbols: 96-petal lotus

(twice 48 petals).

Basic principle: Knowledge of being.

Corporal correspondence: Face; eyes, ears, nose, sinuses, cerebellum, nervous system


Corresponding gland: Pituitary gland (hypothesis).

The pituitary gland is also sometimes called the "master gland" since, through its secretory activity

internal, controls the functioning of all other glands. Like a conductor, it establishes a harmonic conjunction of the remaining glands.

Astrological Correspondences

Mercury: Intellectual knowledge, rational thinking.

Sagittarius/Júpiter: Holistic thinking, knowledge of inner relationships.


Aquarius/Uranus: Divine Inspired Thought, Higher Intuition, Sudden Knowledge.


Pisces / Neptune: Capacity for imagination, intuition, access (through surrender) to truths interiors.

Mission & Operation of the Sixth Chakra

Its true color is light indigo, but yellow and violet hues can also be detected. These colors indicate your different ways of functioning on different planes of consciousness. Rational or intellectual thought can give rise to a yellow radiation here. A transparent dark blue points to intuition and holistic knowledge processes. Extrasensory perception is shown in a violet hue.

Any realization in our life presupposes thoughts and ideas that can be fed by unconscious emotional patterns, but also by the knowledge of reality. Through the third eye we are united with the process of manifestation through the force of thought. All knowledge that is manifested in creation exists in a pure and unmanifested form, in a similar way as in a seed in a latent state, all the information from which the plant will emerge is already contained. Quantum physics calls this realm the unified field or the least exciting realm of matter.

The process of creation begins when the latent being in itself becomes aware of its own existence. Then a first subject-object relationship arises, and with it the first duality. The amorphous being adopts a first manifest pattern of vibrations.

On the basis of this protovibration, new differentiated vibration patterns continually arise through further awareness processes.

In us men, all the planes of creation are contained, from the pure being to compact matter, and are represented by the different planes of vibration of the chakras. Thus, the process of manifestation is consummated in us and through us.


As the third eye serves as the seat for all awareness processes, here we obtain the faculty of manifestation up to the materialization and dematerialization of matter. We can create new realities on the psychic plane and dissolve old realities.

However, in general, this process does not occur automatically and without conscious action. Most of the thoughts that determine our life are controlled by our unreleased emotional patterns, and programmed by judgments and prejudices, both our own and others. In this way, our spirit is often not the dominant one, but the servant of our emotionally charged thoughts, which can partially dominate us.

But these thoughts are also realized in our life, since what we perceive and live outside is always and ultimately a manifestation of our subjective reality.

With the development of our consciousness and the increasing opening of the third eye we can always consciously direct this process. Our force of imagination then generates the energy to fulfill an idea or a wish. Along with an open heart chakra, we can now also emit healing energies and perform distant healings.

At the same time we receive access to all the planes of creation that lie behind physical reality. The knowledge of them comes to us in the form of intuition, through clairvoyant vision or through auditory or tactile clairvoyance. What previously we may have only vaguely guessed now becomes clear perception.


Harmonic operation

In our time there are very few people whose third eye is completely open, since their development always goes hand in hand with advanced development of consciousness. But here the phenomenon that the sixth chakra functions harmoniously even when it is not fully developed does occur in a clearly more marked way than in the chakras described above. This shows in awake understanding and intellectual abilities. A scientific investigation carried out from a holistic point of view can also be a sign of a partially open third eye and that works harmoniously, as well as the knowledge of the deep philosophical truths.

You will probably also have a well-developed visualization faculty and will intuitively grasp many relationships. Your spirit is focused and simultaneously open to mystical truths. You realize more and more that the outer manifestations of things are only a simile, a symbol in which a spiritual principle manifests itself on the material plane. Your thinking will be driven by idealism and fantasy. You may also observe from time to time that your thoughts and ideas spontaneously come true.

The more your third eye develops, the more your thought will rest on a direct and inner knowledge of reality. More and more people are beginning to develop partial abilities of the sixth chakra, such as clairvoyance or tactile clairvoyance on certain existential planes; others temporarily receive insights from other dimensions of reality: for example, in meditation or in sleep.

Describing the full panoply of perceptual faculties and capacities provided by an open third eye is not possible for us. It would fill many volumes and we would have to rely extensively on data provided by other people. However, we would like to give you a general idea of ​​what awaits you with a fully developed sixth chakra.

First you will perceive the world in a new way. The limits of your rational understanding will have been widely exceeded. Your thinking is holographic, and you will spontaneously integrate in the process of knowledge all the information that comes to you from the different areas of creation.

The material world will have become transparent to you. It is a mirror for the dance of energies that takes place in the subtlest planes of creation, just as your consciousness is a mirror in which the divine being is known.


Your extrasensory perception is so transparent that you will be able to directly perceive the forces that act behind the surface of outer appearances, and you will be in a position to control these energies consciously and to bring about your own forms of manifestation of these forces. But in doing so you will be subject to certain regular laws, the framework of which you cannot exceed, so that a natural order is preserved.

Your intuition and your inner vision open the way to all the subtler planes of reality. You know that between the plane of material creation and pure being there are infinite worlds inhabited by the most diverse essences. Before your inner eye a plural drama of creation will unfold, which will seem to have no end in its ever new forms and planes of reality. A deep fear will fill you as you contemplate the greatness of this divine drama.


Inharmonious operation

The most frequent repercussion of inharmonious functioning is in this case the "heaviness of the head." You are a person who lives almost exclusively through intellect and reason. By trying to regulate everything through understanding, you only validate the truths that your rational thought transmits to you. Your


Intellectual capacities are possibly very marked and you have the gift of shrewd analysis, but you lack the holistic vision and the capacity for integration in a great cosmic relationship.

Thus an intellectual preponderance is easily reached. You only validate what is graspable with understanding and verifiable and probable with scientific methods. You reject spiritual knowledge as unscientific and unrealistic.

Also the attempt to influence people or things with the force of thought to demonstrate one's own power or to satisfy personal needs falls squarely within the realm of an inharmonious functioning of the third eye. In general, the solar plexus chakra is usually simultaneously altered, and the heart and coronal chakra are underdeveloped. When, despite some blockages, the third eye is relatively wide open, these attempts can also work, but are not in keeping with the natural flow of life. A sense of isolation is installed, and in the long run the satisfaction to which one aspires is not achieved.

Another repercussion of misdirected energies in the sixth chakra appears when the root chakra (and with it the "grounding") is disturbed, and when there are other chakras whose harmonic functioning is blocked. So it may happen that, even when you have access to the most subtle levels of perception, you do not recognize the images and information received in their true significance. These are mixed in with your own ideas and fantasies, which come from your unprocessed emotional patterns. These subjectively marked images can be so dominant that you see them as the only existence, project them to the outside world and lose the reference to reality.



When the flow of energies in the sixth chakra is quite obstructed, for you the only reality is the visible outside world. Your life will be determined by material desires, bodily needs, and non-reflective emotions. You will find intellectual disputes stressful and useless. You reject spiritual truths, since for you they are based on imaginations or foolish daydreams that do not represent a practical reference. Your thinking is fundamentally oriented towards the prevailing opinions.

In situations that demand a lot of you, you easily lose your mind. Possibly, you are also very forgetful. Vision disturbances, which often accompany sixth chakra hypofunction, are a wake-up call to look more inward and also to discover those areas that lie behind the visible surface.

In extreme cases, your thoughts can be unclear and confusing and totally determined by your unreleased emotional patterns.

Possibilities of purification and activation of the sixth chakra


Natural experience

The third eye is stimulated with the contemplation of a deeply blue night sky full of stars This natural experience opens the spirit to the immensity and the infinite depth of the manifested creation with its immeasurably varied forms of manifestation, and allows a glimpse of the subtle forces, the structures and regular laws that the celestial bodies execute in their cosmic dance through the immensity of space, and that are also effective after the apparent manifestations of our life on Earth.


Sound therapy

Musical form: All sounds that calm and open your spirit, and that evoke images and sensations of cosmic spaciousness, are suitable for activating and harmonizing the frontal chakra. Where you will most easily find the right pieces is in "New Age" music. But also some classical musics from the East and the West, in particular by Bach, can have the same effect.

Vowel: The root chakra is activated by the vowel "i". It is sung in the key of "la" of the scale. The "i" triggers an upward movement. It represents the force of inspiration, which always leads you to new movements.


Mantra: KSHAM



A transparent indigo affects the sixth chakra, opening and clarifying it. It gives the spirit inner tranquility, transparency and depth. In addition, it empowers and heals the senses and opens them to more subtle planes of perception.


Gem therapy

Lapis Lazuli: In the deep blue color of Lapis Lazuli are inserted, like the stars on a night sky, golden inclusions of pyrite. It transmits to the soul an experience of security in the cosmos and opens it for infinite life in the universe. Guides the spirit inward, enhances its strength and helps it to understand hierarchically superior relationships. By promoting intuition and inner vision, it allows us to recognize the hidden meaning and the forces that act behind things; in addition, it transmits a deep joy about the miracles of life and the universe.


Indigo Sapphire: A clear and transparent sapphire opens the spirit for cosmic lore and eternal truths. Its vibrations cause a purification, transformation and renewal of the soul and spirit. It forms a bridge between the finite and the infinite, and causes consciousness to flow along with the river of divine love and knowledge. It also gives transparency to the soul that seeks in the spiritual way.


Sodalite: The dark blue Sodalite clarifies the understanding and empowers it for deep thoughts. Its serene radiance brings serenity and strengthens the nerves. Sodalite also helps dissolve old thought patterns. It transmits the confidence and strength to defend one's point of view and to transmit ideas and knowledge in everyday life.



Peppermint: The refreshing scent of peppermint dissolves blockages in the area of ​​the third eye and helps to dissolve old and restrictive mental structures. It gifts our spirit with clarity and liveliness and promotes the strength of concentration.

Jasmine: Due to the subtle and blooming aroma of jasmine, our spirit opens up to images and visions that carry within them the messages of the deepest truths. Its vibrations refine perception and unite the energies of the third eye with those of the heart chakra.

Purification & activation

Form of yoga that acts primarily on the sixth chakra

Yoga jnana: Yoga jnana is the way of knowing the capacity of intellectual discernment between the real and the unreal, the eternal and the perishable. The jnana yogi knows that there is only one immutable, imperishable and eternal reality: God. In his meditation he orients himself solely with the help of his power of discernment towards the attributeless absolute, the unmanifested aspect of God, until his spirit merges with it.

Yoga yantra: The yantras are figurative representations made up of geometric figures that symbolize the divine being and its powers and aspects. They serve as an aid to visualizations. The meditator delves into the represented aspects of divinity and makes them evident in his inner contemplation.

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