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Throat Chakra


Vishuddha chakra, also called the neck or throat chakra, or communication center. The fifth chakra is located between the walnut and the larynx. It arises from the cervical spine and opens forward.

In the neck chakra we find the center of human expression, communication and inspiration. It is linked with a minor secondary chakra, which is seated at the nape of the neck and opens backwards. Also these two energy centers are often considered as a single chakra. In its operation, however, the cervical chakra is so closely linked with the neck chakra that we have integrated it into the interpretation of the latter.

The fifth chakra also forms an important union of the lower chakras with the centers of the head. It serves as a bridge between our thinking and our feeling, between our impulses and the reactions we have to them, and simultaneously transmits the contents of all the chakras to the outside world. Through the neck chakra we express everything that lives in us, our laughter and our tears, our feelings of love and joy or anguish and anger, our intentions and desires, and also our ideas, intuitions and our perception of things. inner worlds.


Color: light blue, also silver and teal.

Corresponding element: Ether.

Sensory function: Ear.

Symbol: 16-petal lotus.

Basic Principle: Resonance with The Being

Body Correspondences: Neck area, cervical area, chin area, ears, speech apparatus (voice), respiratory passages, bronchi, upper lung area, esophagus, arms.

Corresponding gland: Thyroid.

The thyroid plays an important role in the growth of the skeleton and internal organs. It is responsible for the balance between physical and mental growth and regulates metabolism, that is, the way and speed in which we transform our food into energy and in which we consume that energy. It also regulates the metabolism of iodine and the balance of calcium in the blood and tissues.

Astrological correspondences

Gemini / Mercury: Communication, exchange of knowledge and experiences.

Mars: Active self-demonstration.

Taurus/Venus: Sense of space and form.

Aquarius/Uranus: Divine inspiration, transmission of wisdom and superior knowledge, independence.

Mission & operation of the fifht chakra

The element that is assigned to the neck chakra is ether. In the doctrine of yoga, the fundamental element is considered from which the elements of the lower chakras are formed by compaction: earth, water, fire, air. But the ether is also the bearer of sound, of the spoken word and of the creator's word; it is, in short, the transmitter of information on all planes.

Thus, the communication of our inner life to the outside occurs predominantly through the spoken word, but also through our gestures and our mimicry, and through other creative manifestations, such as music, graphic and interpretive art, the dance, etc.


The creativity that we found in the sacral chakra joins in the neck chakra with the energies of the other chakras, and the forming power of the ether gives it a certain figure that we transmit to the outside world.

However, we can only express what we find in ourselves. Thus, through the fifth chakra we first receive the faculty of self-reflection. The necessary premise to be able to reflect is a certain inner distance. As we develop the neck chakra we become more and more aware of our mental body, and we can separate its functioning from the functioning of the emotional body, from the functioning of the etheric body, and from the functioning of the physical body.


This means that our thoughts are no longer the hostages of our physical feelings and sensations, so objective knowledge is possible.

Ether is also defined as space (Akasha), in which the most compact elements unfold their efficacy. The deepest knowledge is conferred on us when we are open and unburdened like infinite space, like the wide sky (whose light blue color is the color of the neck chakra), when we remain silent and listen attentively to inner and outer space.


The fifth chakra is associated with the sensory function of the ear. Here we open our ears, we listen carefully to the hidden or unhidden voices of creation. We also perceive our own inner voice, come into contact with the spirit inherent in us and receive its inspiration. And we develop an unshakable trust in superior personal guidance. We are also aware of our true role in life, of our dharma. We know that our own inner worlds are both the non-material planes of life and the outer world, and we are capable of collecting and relaying information from the non-material realms and from the higher dimensions of reality. This divine inspiration becomes a carrier element of our self-manifestation.

Thus, in the fifth chakra we find our individual expression of perfection on all planes.


Harmonic operation

With a fully open neck chakra, you clearly and fearlessly express your inner feelings, thoughts, and knowledge. You are also in a position to reveal your weaknesses and show your strengths. Your inner sincerity in front of yourself and in front of others is also expressed in your sincere attitude.

You have the ability to express yourself in a totally creative way with your whole being. But you can still be silent when it is indicated, and you have the gift of listening to others with your heart and inner understanding. Your language is full of fantasy and, at the same time, it is very clear. It conveys your intention in the most effective way to provoke a fulfillment of your wishes. This voice is full and lilting. In the face of difficulties and resistance, you remain true to yourself, and you can also say "no" when you think like this.


You do not allow yourself to be persuaded or swayed by other people's opinions, and instead retain your independence, freedom, and self-determination. Your absence of prejudice and your inner spaciousness make you open to the reality of non-material dimensions. From here you receive, through your inner voice, information that guides you on your way through life, and you confidently surrender to this guide.

You recognize that all creation phenomena have their own message. They tell you about their own life, their role in the great cosmic game, and their aspiration to wholeness and light. You can enter into communication with beings from other existential realms, and the knowledge you receive from this is sensibly retransmitted to your fellow men without fearing their judgment. All the creative means of expression you use have the ability to. convey wisdom and truth

From your inner independence and from the free manifestation of your whole being, a deep joy and the feeling of wholeness and integrity are born in you.


Inharmonious operation

When the energies of your neck chakra are blocked, the understanding between the "head" and the "body" is disturbed. This can manifest itself in two ways. Either you find it difficult to reflect on your feelings, and you frequently express your accumulated emotions through thoughtless actions; or you have encapsulated yourself in your intellectuality or your rationalism, you deny the right to life, and the wisdom of your sentimental world only allows you to pass the filter of your self-judgment to very few emotions, not allowing them to collide with the judgments of your fellow men. Unconscious feelings of guilt and anguish prevent you from seeing and showing yourself as you are and freely expressing your innermost thoughts, feelings, and needs. Instead, you try to hide them with all sorts of words and gestures, behind which you hide your true self.

Your language is either crude and rude, or even objective and cold. You may also stutter. Your voice is relatively loud, and your words have no greater depth of content.


You don't allow yourself to appear weak, but rather try to appear strong at any cost. In this way, you put pressure on yourself with self-imposed demands. It can also happen that the functions that life imposes on you at some point are too great a burden on your shoulders. Then you brace yourself in your "shoulder girdle": you shrug your shoulders and tuck your neck to protect yourself unconsciously from greater efforts, or you arm yourself for a new "attack."

An inharmonious functioning of the fifth chakra is also found in people who abuse their word and their ability to express themselves to manipulate their peers, or who try to attract attention to themselves through uninterrupted talkativeness and profanity.

In general, people whose energies are stagnant in the neck chakra do not have access to the non-material dimensions of being, since they lack the openness, inner spaciousness and independence, which are the premises for the perception of these areas.

However, here there is also the possibility that you have deep inner knowledge, but that, for fear of the judgment of others or anguish at the isolation, you do not dare to live and manifest them. Since they struggle to manifest themselves, spontaneous poetry, images or similar things can arise from there, which you only dislike others.


Spiritual energies can also get stuck in the head. Then, its transforming force hardly finds access to your emotions, and the energies of the lower chakras do not give those of the higher ones the necessary strength and stability to impose themselves, to realize internal spirituality in your life.



Also, in case of hypofunction, you will have difficulties to show, manifest and represent yourself. However, here you completely withdraw, you are preferably shy, quiet and withdrawn, or you talk only about unimportant things in your outer life.


However, when you have to express something of what you think or feel in the most intimate way, a lump becomes easily in your throat and your voice sounds coerced. Even more frequently than in the case of inharmonious functioning we find here the symptom of stuttering. You are insecure in front of other people and you fear the judgment they may make of you. So you are intensely oriented towards their opinion and often you don't really know what you want yourself. You have no access to the messages of your mind and no confidence in your intuitive powers.

When in the course of life the fifth chakra has not developed, a certain rigidity appears. The framework drawn by yourself, within which you spend your existence and in which you express your potential, is very small, since you only consider the outside world as reality.

Purification & activation

Natural experience

The clear, transparent blue of a cloudless sky evokes a resonance in your neck chakra. To fully embrace it in yourself, it is best to lie down relaxed in the open air and open your inner being to the infinite amplitude of the celestial vault. You will notice how your spirit opens and becomes transparent and how any tightness or rigidity in your neck chakra and in its sphere of radiation gradually dissolves. You will be inwardly ready to receive the "heavenly messages."


The reflection of the blue sky in a crystal clear watercourse also has the effect of broadening and releasing your feelings. The light murmur of the waves carries the messages of your emotions and hidden sensations to your consciousness. Let yourself be completely penetrated by the vibratory energy of the sky and the water, and spirit and feelings will unite in a complementary force.


Sound therapy

Musical form: Music and song rich in higher tones, as well as sacred and meditative dances accompanied by chant, will act to an enormously life-giving effect on the neck chakra. To harmonize and relax the fifth chakra the most effective music is "New Age" with acoustic effects. Provides release and spaciousness and opens the inner ear.


Vowel: The vowel "e" activates the neck chakra. It is intoned in the treble clef of the scale. If with your voice you go slowly from an «a» to an «i», at a certain moment the sound «e» will appear. Just as the neck represents a connecting channel between the head and the rest of the body, the «e» of the neck chakra joins the heart and the understanding, «a. and «i», and channels its forces outwards. As you sing the "e", you will notice that this sound demands the maximum pressure of the voice. Strengthen the energy of former pressure in your fifth chakra.


Mantra: HAM



The neck chakra is assigned a light and transparent blue. This color promotes calm and spaciousness and opens you up for spiritual inspiration.


Gem therapy

Aquamarine: The luminous blue color of aquamarine is like the sea in which a clear sky is reflected. Aquamarine helps the soul to become a mirror for the infinite breath of the spirit. It favors communication with the innermost self and brings light and transparency to the most hidden Ancones of the soul. Its vibrations bring purity, freedom and spaciousness to the soul, with which it can open itself to visionary clairvoyance and intuitive understanding, and also helps to freely and creatively express this knowledge. Under the influence of aquamarine, the soul can become a channel for selfless love and healing force.

Turquoise: Turquoise, in whose color the blue of the sky and the green of the earth come together, combines the high ideals of the spirit with the original strength of our planet. It helps to express ideas and intellectual knowledge and to integrate them into life on Earth. In addition, it attracts positive energies and protects the body and soul from negative influences.

Chalcedony: White and blue chalcedony has a positive effect on the thyroid gland. It has a sedative and balancing influence on the state of mind, reduces irritability and hypersensitivity. Thanks to its sedative influence, it opens access to inner inspiration and encourages self-manifestation through language and writing.



Sage: The fresh, harsh scent of sage sends healing vibrations into the "realm where language dwells." It dissolves the convulsive contractions of the neck chakra, so that our words are expressed harmonically and with vigor, and can transmit the intention of our soul in the most effective way possible.

Eucalyptus: The refreshing scent of eucalyptus brings transparency and spaciousness to the realm of the fifth chakra. Its vibrations open us up for inner inspiration and equip us for self-manifestation, originality and creativity.

Form of yoga that acts primarily on the fifth chakra

Mantric Yoga: Mantras are meditative syllables that reflect certain aspects of the divine in their specific vibrational form. In mantric yoga the mantras are repeated mentally without interruption, recited aloud or chanted. In doing so, the vibration of the mantra gradually transforms the practitioner's thought and feeling and resonates with the cosmic and divine potency that is manifested in the mantra.

An exception is transcendental meditation. In this form of meditation, a technique is taught, with the help of which the mantra is experienced in increasingly less material and more subtle planes of consciousness, until the meditator overcomes even the most subtle aspect of the mantra, transcends and reaches the experience of pure being. . This process is consummated several times during each meditation.

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