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Heart Chakra


The fourth chakra forms the central point of the chakra system. In it the three lower physical-emotional centers unite with the three higher psychic-spiritual centers. Its symbol is the hexagon, which very intuitively represents how the energies of the three upper and three lower chakras mutually penetrate each other. The fourth chakra is assigned the air element and the sense of touch. This indicates the mobility of the heart, the movement towards something, the contact, the being touched, the being in contact with things. We find here the ability to emphasize and "feel with", to reconcile moods and to enter into resonance with vibrations. Through this center, we also perceive the beauty of nature and the harmony of music, graphic art and poetry. Here images, words and sounds are transformed into feelings.


The mission of the heart chakra is union by love. Every longing for intimate contact, oneness, harmony and love manifests itself through the heart chakra, even when it comes out to meet us in its "enchanted" form. of sadness, pain, anguish at the separation or loss of love.


In its purified and fully open form, the heart chakra is the center of true and unconditional love, a love that exists only for itself, that cannot be had or lost. In combination with the higher chakras, this love becomes Bhakti, divine love, and leads to the knowledge of the divine presence in all creation, to oneness with the innermost core, with the heart of all things in the universe. . The path of the heart towards this goal passes through the "yes", full of love and understanding, towards ourselves as a premise for the "yes" to others and to life.



Green,  pink and gold

Corresponding element


Sensory function



12 petals lotus

Basic principle

Surrender of being

Body Correspondences

Heart, upper back with rib cage and thoracic cavity, lower lungs, blood and circulatory system, skin


Corresponding gland: Thymus

The thymus regulates growth and controls the lymphatic system. Also has the mission of stimulating and strengthening the immune system.

Astrological correspondences

Leo/Sun: Sentimental warmth, cordiality, generosity.

Libra/Venus: Contact, love, aspiration to harmony, complementation in the "you".

Saturn: Overcoming the individual ego, essential for selfless love.




If through the third chakra and knowledge we have accepted that all life experiences, desires and emotions have a deeper meaning, and through it and the associated learning mission we want to return to a larger order, we will find an acceptance in the fourth chakra loving that emanates from the knowledge of the heart that all feelings and all manifestations of life have originally arisen from longing for love, for union with life and are therefore ultimately a manifestation of love.


With all union we generate separation and negativity. The positive and loving "yes" generates, on the contrary, a vibration in which negative forms and feelings cannot be maintained and manifested, which dissolve. Perhaps you have already experienced the fact that an intense feeling of sadness, anger or despair has been neutralized when you have devoted your loving, non-judgmental and wholehearted attention to that feeling. Try it sometime.


When we suffer from suffering or illness, we can observe that through loving dedication to the diseased organ or the diseased part of the body we can greatly accelerate healing.


In this way, through the heart chakra we have a great potential for transformation and healing: both for ourselves and for others. The love for ourselves, the acceptance of our entire essence from the depths of the heart, can fundamentally transform and heal us. And it is a premise for a satisfying love for other people, for "feeling with", for understanding and the deep joy of living.


The heart chakra is a center whose strength radiates outward with particular intensity. An open heart chakra will have a spontaneous healing and transformative effect on other people (on the other hand, in a consciously applied healing activity the frontal chakra is also involved).


The heart chakra radiates in the colors green and pink, and sometimes also in gold. Green is the color of healing, as well as harmony and sympathy. When an aura seer perceives a light and luminous green in a person's heart chakra, it is for him an indication of a very marked healing capacity. A golden aura, or with pink iridescence, indicates a person who lives in pure love and fully surrendered to the divine.


The heart chakra is often called the door to the soul, since not only are our deepest and most vivid feelings of love based there, but through this energy center we can also come into contact with the universal part of our life. soul, with the divine sparks that are in us. It also plays a decisive role in the refinement of perception, which is paired with the opening of the frontal chakra, the so-called third eye, since it is the surrender that makes us sensitive to the most subtle areas of creation. This means that, in parallel with the development of the heart chakra, the higher faculties of the frontal chakra develop.


For this reason, many spiritual disciplines, both in the East and in the West, have been specifically oriented to the opening of the heart chakra.

Mission & operation of the fourth chakra

Harmonic operation

When your heart chakra is fully open and interacts harmoniously with the other chakras, you become a channel of divine love. The energies of your heart can transform your world and unite the people around you, reconcile and heal them. You radiate a natural warmth, warmth, and joviality that opens the hearts of your fellow men, awakens confidence, and brings joy. Sharing feelings and a willingness to help are understood by you.


Your feelings are free from inner turmoil and conflict, from doubts and uncertainties. You love for the love itself from the joy of giving, without expecting anything in return. And you feel safe and at home in all of creation. Yet in what you do "you put all your heart."


The love of your heart also purifies your perception, so that you also perceive the cosmic game of separation and new union in all manifestations of any plane of creation, a cosmic game that is carried and penetrated by love and harmony. divine. You yourself have experienced that from the separation of the universal and divine aspect of life and the resulting suffering, the longing for reunification with the divine is born, and that only through this previous separation can the love of God be consciously and fully experienced. and the infinite joy that is in him.


You look at the events of the world from this wisdom of the heart, and you see your life in a new light. The love of your heart spontaneously supports all the aspirations that make love for God and his creation grow. You know that all the life of creation lives in your heart. You no longer see life from the outside as something separate from you, but as if it were a part of your own life.


The feeling of liveliness in you is so great that only now do you really know what "life" means in its original, non-falsified form: a permanent expression of divine love and glory.


Inharmonious operation

A dysfunction of the heart chakra can be expressed in several ways: for example, you would like to give, always be for others without having to be at the source of love. Secretly (perhaps without being aware of it or without confessing it to yourself) you continue to expect recognition and confirmation in return for all your "love," and are disappointed when your efforts are not sufficiently rewarded.


Or you feel powerful and strong and you give your strength to others, but you are not capable of accepting love yourself, of opening yourself to receive. The tender and soft puzzles you. You may tell yourself that you don't need the love of others. Often this posture is paired with a "proud" chest, an indication of inner armor and rejection of pain and seizures.



Poor heart chakra functioning makes you easily vulnerable and dependent on the love and sympathy of others. When you are rejected, you are deeply affected; Just when for once did you have the courage to open up? Then you withdraw back into your shell, you are sad and depressed. It is true that you would like to give love, but for fear of a new rejection you cannot find the correct way to do it, which confirms you again and again in your incapacity.


Possibly you are also trying to compensate for your lack of love in a particularly friendly and frequent way, making your joy reach in a quite impersonal way to everyone equally, without letting yourself, however, enter more deeply into people. But as soon as your heart is really called upon, you react evasively out of fear of possible injury.


When your heart chakra is totally closed, it manifests itself in dryness and disinterest, which can go as far as "coldness of heart." In order to even feel something you need strong external stimulation. You are unbalanced and suffer from depression.

Purification & activation

Natural experience

Any silent walk through the green and intact nature harmonizes our whole being through the heart chakra. Any flower conveys the message of innocent love and joy to us and allows the same qualities to flourish in our hearts. Red flowers are particularly suitable for gently activating and healing the energies of the heart chakra.

A rose-tinged sky with delicate cloud formations lifts and widens the heart. Let yourself be enveloped and carried away by the beauty and softness of colors and shapes in this image of the sky.


Sound therapy

Musical form: Any classical music, "New Age" music or sacred music, both from the Eastern and Western traditions, which has an uplifting effect and makes your heart dance along with life and creation, awakens the strength of the heart. of love in your heart chakra and has a life-giving and harmonizing effect on it. Also the sacred or meditative dances, which in their movements manifest the harmony and joy of creation.


Vowel: The heart chakra is assigned the vowel "a." It is used in the bass clef of the scale. The "a" symbolizes the sudden discovery of the heart, just as it is manifested in our exclamation "ah!" It is the most open sound of all, which represents the maximum possible fullness in the manifestation of the human voice. In the "a" lies the non-judgmental acceptance of all events, acceptance from which love is born. It is also the vowel most frequently used by babies, whose intellect cannot distinguish between "good" and "evil" when they "comment" on their experiences.


Mantra: YAM



Green: The color of the meadows and forests of our planet provides harmony and empathy, gives us a conciliatory spirit, makes us feel sympathy and transmits a feeling of peace. It also has a regenerative effect on the body, spirit and soul, and brings new energy.

Rose: The soft and delicate vibrations of pink dissolve the spasms of the heart. They awaken feelings of love and tenderness and provide a childlike feeling of happiness. In addition, they stimulate creative activity.


Gem therapy

Rose Quartz: The delicate and pinkish light of rose quartz favors softness, tenderness and love. Wrap your soul in a loving vibration in which wounds of the heart caused by harshness, brutality or inattention can heal, and can open your soul more and more to love and give you more love.

Rose quartz teaches you to accept and love yourself, opens your heart for the manifestation of love and sweetness that is in you, in other people and in creation. It also makes you sensitive to the beauty of music, poetry, painting and other arts, and stimulates your fantasy and your capacity for creative expression.

Tourmaline: The pink-red tourmaline takes you out of indolent sentimental structures; open and widen your heart. It also opens your consciousness to the joyful and jovial aspect of love. It unites you with the feminine manifestation of divine love, which is expressed in the beauty of creation, in carefree joviality, in spiritual dance and in play. In this way it integrates the different manifestations of worldly and divine love.

Also particularly suitable for the heart chakra is pink tourmaline with a green rim, which is often cut into discs (watermelon tourmaline). Here, the qualities of rose-red tourmaline are embedded in the healing and harmonizing vibration of green.


Kunzite: In Kunzite, the delicate pink of higher love and the violet of the coronal chakra are united, which supports the unification with the divine.

Kunzite opens your heart chakra to divine love. It helps you grow the love of your heart towards altruism and perception. For this, it provides you with guidance and always takes you back down this path.


Emerald: Emerald is the love of the universe, since it intensifies and deepens love on all planes. It gives peace and harmony and puts you in harmony with the forces of nature. It also challenges you to make yourself equal to its radiant light and shows you the areas where this is not yet the case.

The emerald draws healing energies from the cosmos in the direction of Earth. Regenerates, rejuvenates, refreshes and calms.


Jade: The soft green light of jade provides peace, harmony, wisdom of heart, justice and modesty. Jade relaxes and calms the heart, makes you discover and experience the beauty of everything created, thus fostering your esteem and love for creation. Jade helps with restlessness and bewilderment, and promotes the conciliation of a peaceful sleep and pleasant dreams.


Rose essence: There is no other scent that has such a strong harmonizing effect on our entire being as the precious rose essence. Its delicate and loving vibrations soothe and heal the wounds of our heart. They awaken perception by the manifestation of love, beauty and harmony in all creation. It restores in the heart a deep joy and the willingness to surrender. The essence of roses also provokes a stimulation and a refinement of the sensory joys, promoting at the same time their transformation for suprapersonal love.

Form of yoga that acts primarily on the fourth chakra

Yoga Bhakti: Yoga Bhakti is the path that leads to love of God and surrender to him for realization in God. The bhakta deepens and intensifies his feelings and turns to God. Everything refers to him, sees him in all things and rises in love for him.

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