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Solar Plexux Chakra


The third chakra finds different denominations. Different indications are also given on where it sits.

It is a main chakra and several secondary chakras, yet their functioning so closely intertwined that they can all be considered together as a main chakra.

Thus, the third chakra has a complex range of functions. It is assigned to the fire element; fire means light, heat, energy and activity; and on the spiritual plane, also purification.

The solar plexus chakra represents our Sun, our center of energies. Here we absorb the energy of the Sun, which among other functions has to feed our etheric body, also nourishing the physical body with vitality and sustaining it. In the third chakra we enter into an active relationship with the things of the world and with other people. It is the zone from which our emotional energy flows out. Our interpersonal relationships, likes and dislikes, and the ability to establish lasting emotional bonds, are largely governed from this center.

For the ordinary man the third chakra is the seat of the personality. It is the place where he finds his social identification and tries to confirm himself through personal strength, the will to perform and the aspiration for power, or through adaptation to social norms.



From yellow to gold

Corresponding element


Sensory function



Ten-petalled lotus.

Basic principle

Configuration of being.

Body Correspondences

Lower back, abdominal cavity, digestive system,

stomach, liver, spleen, gallbladder; vegetative nervous system.

Corresponding gland: Pancreas (liver).

The pancreas plays a decisive role in the processing and digestion of food. Produces the hormone

insulin, which is important for blood sugar balance and carbohydrate metabolism. The enzymes secreted by the pancreas are important for the metabolism of fats and proteins.

Astrological correspondences

Mission & operation of the third chakra

Leo/Sun: Warmth, strength, fullness, aspiration to recognition, power and social position.


Sagittarius/Jupiter: Affirmation of life experiences, growth and enlargement, synthesis, wisdom, integrality.


Virgo/Mercury: Subdivision, analysis, adaptation, selfless or altruistic service. Mars: Energy, activity, disposition for action, imposition of one's own personality.


An important function of the third chakra consists in purifying the instincts and desires of the lower chakras, in consciously directing and using their creative energy, as well as in manifesting in the material world the spiritual fullness of the higher chakras, and achieving in all planes a highest degree of consummation in life.

It is in direct union with the astral body, also called the body of desire or ambition, and which is the carrier of our emotions. The vital impulses, desires and feelings of the lower chakras are here deciphered, "digested", transforming into a higher energy before being used in conjunction with the energies of the higher chakras for the conscious configuration of our life.

We can find a corresponding principle on the physical plane in the area of ​​the liver. In conjunction with the digestive system, the liver has the function of analyzing the ingested food, separating the useless from the useful, and transforming the useful into usable substances, transporting them to the appropriate places in the body.

The affirmation and conscious integration of feelings and desires and of our life experiences leads to the distension and opening of the third chakra, with which the light grows continuously in us and our life and our world become more and more illuminated.

Our general state of mind depends very intensely on how much light we allow to enter us. We feel illuminated, happy and satisfied inside when the third chakra is open; on the contrary, our mood is unbalanced and gloomy when it is blocked or upset. We continually project this sensation into the outside world, so that all of life can seem light or dark to us. The amount of light within us determines the clarity of our vision and the quality of what we contemplate.

The increasing integration and inner wholeness cause the yellow light of intellectual understanding to gradually transform in the third chakra into the golden light of wisdom and wholeness.

With the solar plexus chakra we also directly perceive the vibrations of other people, and then we react accordingly to the quality of these vibrations. When faced with negative vibrations, here we often experience imminent danger. We recognize this because the third chakra contracts involuntarily, as a temporary protective mechanism. However, it becomes superfluous when the light within us is so great that it radiates outward intensely and surrounds our body like a protective envelope.

Harmonic operation

When the third chakra is open and works harmoniously, a feeling of peace is transmitted, of internal harmony with yourself, with life and your position before it. You can accept yourself with your whole being and you are in a position to equally respect the feelings and peculiarities of other people.

You have the natural ability to accept feelings, desires, and life experiences, to recognize their role in your evolution, to see them "in the right light," and to integrate them into your personality in such a way that they lead to wholeness.

Your action comes spontaneously in line with the natural laws that are effective throughout the universe and in man himself. As it encourages evolution, it helps to open up wealth and fullness, both internal and external, for you and your fellow men. You are full of light and full of strength. The clarity that exists in you also surrounds your body: thus it protects you from negative vibrations and radiates throughout your surroundings.

In combination with an open frontal and coronal chakra, you detect that everything visible is made up of different vibrations of light. Your wishes are fulfilled spontaneously, since you are so closely united with the luminous force of all things that you attract the desired like a magnet.

This is how you realize in your life the knowledge that fulfillment is your right acquired at birth and your divine inheritance.


Inharmonious operation

When the third chakra has a marked one-sided accent and a dysfunction, you would like to influence everything according to your sense, control both your inner world and your outer world, exercise power and conquer. But you are driven by inner restlessness and dissatisfaction. Probably in your childhood and youth you have experienced little recognition. You have not possessed any true sense of self-worth, and now you are looking in the outer life for that confirmation and satisfaction that you have always lacked inside. To do this, you develop an enormous impulse of activity, with which you try to cover the corrosive feeling of inadequacy. You lack inner serenity, and you find it difficult to break free and relax.

Since you believe you are predominantly destined for external recognition and wealth, you will likely succeed.

The all-doable position leads to "vicious" and unwanted feelings being controlled and repressed. Consequently, your emotions will stagnate. However, from time to time they will break that wall moved by rejection and control and will flood you without you being in a position to direct them properly. In addition, you get exasperated easily, and in your excitability a great amount of that anger is manifested that you have been swallowing over time without processing it.

Finally, you must realize that the mere aspiration to external wealth and recognition cannot give you any lasting satisfaction.



When the third chakra is malfunctioning, you often feel defeated and discouraged. You see everywhere obstacles to the fulfillment of your desires.

The free development of your personality was probably severely hampered as a child. For fear of losing the recognition of your parents or educators, you have almost completely withdrawn the manifestation of your feelings and have swallowed many things that you were not able to digest. Thus "emotional slags" have been formed that mitigate the fiery energy of the solar plexus chakra and remove the force and spontaneity from your desires and actions.

Even today you try to gain recognition through adaptation, which leads to rejection and poor integration of vital desires and emotions. In difficult situations a languid feeling in your stomach invades you or you become so nervous that your actions are fickle and uncoordinated.

What you would like the most is to close yourself to new challenges. Unusual experiences cause you anguish, and you don't really believe yourself up to what is meant by a life struggle.

Purification & Activation

Natural experience

The golden light of the sun corresponds to the light, heat and strength of the solar plexus chakra. If you consciously open yourself to its influence, these qualities will be activated in you.

The observation of a field of rapeseed or ripe cereal, shining in the sun, also transmits you the experience of fullness manifested as a resonance caused by the heat and the luminous force of the sun.

In the center of the sunflower, in the unit of the moving circle, you find the moving spiral pattern, and in the petals the golden light that radiates outwards. By imbibing yourself in it. pattern of this natural mandala you experience that in the inner experience of unity there is movement and activity full of meaning, orderly and at the same time dancers, that radiate outwards with energy, joy and at the same time with softness and absolute beauty.


Sound therapy

Musical form: The third chakra is activated by fiery rhythms. Orchestral music, with its harmonic conjunction of many sounds, can be used to harmonize the solar plexus chakra. In case of hyperactivity, any relaxing music that leads you to your center is suitable to calm him down.


Vowel: The solar plexus chakra is assigned an open "o", like the second "o" in the word "sofort." The key of my of the musical scale is sung. Also here the "o" causes a circular motion that is directed outward through the opening of the O ". It favors the external configuration of the being from an internal totality. The open "o" approximates the "a" of the heart chakra. Provides spaciousness, fullness and joy in manifestation.


Mantra: RAM



A light, sunny yellow activates and intensifies the functioning of the third chakra. Yellow accelerates nervous activity and thinking, and encourages contact and exchange with others. Counteracts a feeling of inner fatigue, gives joviality and serene ease. When you are in a passive or dreamy state, a light yellow will help you to actively enter life. In addition, it supports physical digestion and "psychic digestion".

The chromatic shade of golden yellow has a clarifying and sedative effect against mental problems and illnesses. It enhances intellectual activities and favors that form of wisdom that only comes from experience.


Gem therapy

Tiger's eye: The tiger's eye favors both exterior and interior visual ability. It sharpens understanding and helps to recognize one's mistakes and act accordingly.


Amber: Amber provides warmth and confidence. His solar force leads you on your way to greater joy and clearer light. It transmits you intuition and tells you how you can fulfill yourself in life. In this way, amber gives you a lucky hand in the various companies that you undertake.

On the body level it purifies and purifies the body, has a balancing effect on the digestive and hormonal system and purifies and strengthens the liver.

Topaz: Golden yellow topaz abundantly fills you with flowing energy and warm sunlight. It brings greater awareness, alertness and clarity, joy and liveliness. In addition, it eliminates the feelings that suppose a burden and the cloudy thoughts: an aid for the anguishes and depressions.

Strengthens and stimulates the whole body and promotes spiritual and physical digestion.


Citrine: Citrine transmits well-being, warmth and liveliness, security and confidence. It helps you process life experiences and integrate them into your personality, as well as apply intuitive insights in daily life. It brings fullness, both internally and externally, and supports you in achieving your goals.

In the physical sphere, it favors the excretion or elimination of toxins and helps in digestive disorders and diabetes. In addition, it activates the blood and enhances nervous activity.



Lavender: Lavender essence has a sedative and relaxing effect on an overactive third chakra. Its gentle, warm vibrations aid in dissolving and processing stagnant emotions.


Rosemary: The essence of rosemary, aromatic and harsh, is particularly suitable in case of hypofunction of the solar plexus chakra. It has an invigorating and stimulating effect, helps overcome laziness and encourages a readiness for action.


Bergamot: The vibrations of the oil that is extracted from the fruits of the bergamot tree enclose a lot of light. Its fresh and lemony aroma enhances our vital energies. It gives us confidence in ourselves and self-assurance.

Form of yoga that acts primarily on the third chakra

Karmic yoga: In karmic yoga, one aspires to altruism in action, without thinking about the personal fruits and results of actions. In this way, the karmic yogi opens himself to the divine will and makes his performance agree with the natural forces of evolution, which reflect the will of God of creation.

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