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Sacral Chakra


The second chakra is the center of the original unfiltered emotions, sexual energies and creative forces. It is assigned to the element water, from which all biological life has arisen and which in astrology corresponds to the realm of feelings.

Water continually fertilizes and brings forth new life in creation. Through the sacral chakra we participate in the fertilizing and conceiving energies that run through all of nature. We experience ourselves as part of a perennial creative process that manifests itself in us and, through us, in the form of creative feelings and actions.

The sacral chakra is often seen as the authentic sitting position of Shakti, the "feminine" aspect of God in the form of creative force. Its field of action includes in the male the organs of procreation, which carry within them the impulse for the creation of new life. In the woman we find here those areas in which she receives the creative impulse and gives rise to new life, and the place where the new incipient being is protected, fed, and where everything it needs to prosper is provided.

But the water element also purifies and purifies. It dissolves and drags everything that is seized and opposes its living flow. This is manifested, within the body, by the detoxifying and excretory activity of the kidneys and bladder. On the mental plane we live it through liberation and letting our feelings flow, for which we are ready to experience life always in an original and new way.

Our interpersonal relationships, particularly those related to the opposite sex, are decisively marked by the functioning of the second chakra. The many varieties of erotic play also belong to his field of action, as does the abandonment of the limited ego and the experience of a greater unity through sexual union.


Astrological Correspondences


Richness of feelings, sensitivity, fertility


Dedication to you, relationships, sensoriality, artistic sensitivity.


Sensory ambition, transformation of the personality by overcoming the self in the

sexual union.

Remark: In some writings the spleen chakra is indicated as the second chakra. However, such

chakra is an important secondary center that coincides in its functioning with the third chakra. This deviation from the original system has its beginning in the denial of sexuality in some esoteric schools. Subsequently, there was sometimes a mixture of the systems, in such a way that today the realm of sexuality is often assigned sometimes to the spleen chakra and sometimes to the radical center.







Harmonic operation

Flowing naturally with life and feelings shows the harmonious functioning of an open sacral chakra. You will be open and natural to others, and especially to the opposite sex. The sexual union with a loved one is for you a possibility to enter with your vibrations in the dance of the masculine and feminine energies of creation, in order to experience a superior unity with all nature and grow towards an inner integrality.

You feel that the flow of life also flows in creation through your body, your soul and your spirit. Thus, you participate in the deep joy of creation, and life always fills you with wonder and enthusiasm. Your feelings are original, your actions creative. Both bear fruit in your own life, as well as the lives of others.


Inharmonious operation

A dysfunction of the sacral chakra often has its origin in puberty. The growing sexual forces cause insecurity, since parents and educators are rarely in a position to provide a correct management of these energies. Often, in early childhood, delicacy and closeness have also been lacking. This can now produce a denial and rejection of sexuality, therefore, that uninhibited expression loses its creative potential and energies manifest inappropriately. This often occurs in the form of sexual fantasies or suppressed instinct, which break through from time to time. Another possible repercussion is that you use sexuality like a drug. Also here your creative potential will not be detected and it will be diverted. In both cases there are insecurity and tensions in front of the other sex. Sensory perception is relatively crude, and you have a tendency to prioritize satisfying your own sexual needs.

Perhaps you simply live in a continuous longing for a satisfying sexual relationship, not realizing that the cause of this desire not being fulfilled lies in yourself.

With the loss of naivety and innocence in dealing with sexual energies, you also lose the frankness to express or manifest these energies in creation, to the interplay of forces of yin and yang and, therefore, to childlike wonder at the miracle of life.



The deficiency function of the sacral chakra arises in most cases from childhood itself. Your parents have probably already suppressed their own sensuality and sexuality, and you lacked sensory stimulation, contacts, caresses, and tenderness. The consequence was that you totally retracted your antennas in this area.

Later, at puberty, you completely blocked the sexual energies that were struggling to get out. Your "successful" repression leads to a lack of a sense of self-worth, a numbing of emotions, and a coldness of sexual feelings. Life seems sad and unworthy to be lived.

Mission & operation of the second chakra


Purification & activation 

Natural experience

Moonlight and contemplation or contact with transparent water in nature activate the second chakra.

The Moon, particularly the Full Moon, stimulates your feelings and makes you receptive to the messages from your soul, which want to be transmitted to you in fantasy images and dreams.

The calm contemplation of a natural and transparent water course, a bath in those waters or a few small sips from a source of fresh water help you to purify the soul and clarify it and free it from blockages and emotional stagnations, so that life can flow in you more freely.

If you can mutually unite the contemplation of the moon and the contact with the water, you will have an optimal effect on the second chakra.


Sound therapy

Musical form: To activate the second chakra, any type of appropriate music is suitable, which awakens the carefree joy of living. Fluid rhythms and popular and couple dances also enter into this therapy. On the other hand, any music that brings out your emotions.

To calm and harmonize the sacral chakra you can listen to the song of the birds, the murmur of the water that flows in nature, or the singing sound of a small indoor fountain.

Vowel: The root chakra is activated by a closed "o", just like the first "o" in the word "sofort." It is sung in the key of D of the scale. The vowel "o" triggers a circular motion. In its closed form, which approaches the "u" sound, it awakens the depth of feelings and leads you to the circular totality, in which yin and yang, feminine and masculine energy, achieve unity through fluid harmony. of forces.

In our language, the exclamation "oh!" expresses a feeling charged admiration. Likewise, the ability to be surprised by the miracles of creation is enlivened by the "o" sound.


Mantra: VAM



A light orange color activates the second chakra. The color orange conveys an invigorating and renewing energy and releases numbing emotional patterns. It favors the sense of self-esteem and awakens the joy for the sensory pleasure. In Ayurveda it is said that orange is the inner color of water.


Gem therapy

Carnelian: Carnelian unites you with the beauty and creative force of this land. It helps you live and promotes concentration. It restores amazement at the miracles of creation, makes life flow again and activates the capacity for creative expression.


Moonstone: Moonstone opens you up to your inner wealth of feelings. It unites you with your essential sensitive, receptive and dreamy side, and helps you accept it and integrate it into your personality. It absorbs the fear of feelings and has a harmonizing effect on emotional balance.

On the body level, it supports the purification of blocked lymphatic pathways, and in women it is responsible for maintaining an adequate hormonal balance.



Ylang-ylang: This refined oil that is extracted from the flowers of the ylang-ylang tree is one of the best-known aphrodisiacs. It has a relaxing effect and at the same time opens you up to more subtle sensory sensations. Its sweet aroma transmits a feeling of security, from which you will once again entrust yourself to the flow of your feelings. Stagnant or excited emotions creep in and dissolve.

Sandalwood: Sandalwood oil has been used frequently in the East to increase sexual energies and elevate bonding with a loved partner to the level of a spiritual experience. In addition, it stimulates fantasy and awakens joy for creative action. The vibrations of sandalwood produce the integration of spiritual energies in all planes of our thinking, feeling and acting.


Tantric Yoga: In tantra all nature is considered as a game of the feminine and masculine forces, of Shakti and Shiva, that in a perpetual creative dance generate the world of appearances or phenomena.

Through the opening of all the senses, through the complete "yes" to life, and through the subtlety and elevation of the sexual experience, in tantra one aspires to a union with this "cosmic sexuality."

Form of yoga that acts primarily on the second chakra

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