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The Root Chakra


The radical ROOT chakra unites us with the physical world. He directs the cosmic energies on the earthly corporeal plane, while simultaneously the energy of the earth flows through him into the non-material energy system.

Here we make contact with the spirit of Mother Earth, we experience her elemental strength, her love and her patience.

The fundamental needs of life and survival, both individual and global, on this planet fall within the scope of the first chakra.

The "yes" to life on earth, to physical existence, and the willingness to act in harmony with the energy of the Earth and learn from it are gifts of an open first chakra.

Thus the radical chakra is assigned to the earth element, its color is the red of energy and activity, of the innermost core of our planet. It gives us earthly security and the "safe ground" underfoot, on which we can build our lives, and simultaneously provides us with the energy necessary for creative activity in the world. In addition, it provides us with the strength to impose ourselves and the constancy or perseverance.

The construction of an existence, the material assurance, and the "preservation of one's own species" through the founding of a family also fall within the scope of the first chakra, as does sexuality as a bodily function and as a means of procreation.

The radical chakra forms the most important foundation of life and the source of vital energy for the higher chakras. Here we are united with the inexhaustible energy reserve of the Kundalini energy. The three main channels, Sushumna, Ida and Pingala, also start there. Like our heart in the physical body, the basal chakra is the central point of our system of circulation of non-material energy. In addition, it is where the collective subconscious sits, to whose memorized knowledge we have access here. It should be balanced with the seventh chakra, to maintain the inner balance of man.


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Astrological Correspondences

Aries/Mars: Reboot, original vital energy, force to prevail, aggressiveness.

Taurus: Bonding with the earth, permanence, possession, sensory enjoyment.

Scorpio/Pluto: Unconscious bond, sexual force, transformation and renewal.

Capricorn/Saturn: Structure, resistance.

In Ayurveda, the Sun is also assigned to the radical chakra, as the original giver of life.


Harmonic operation

When your radical chakra is open and functioning harmoniously, you experience a deep and personal union with the Earth and her creatures, an undisturbed life force, a self and life based being, satisfaction, stability and inner strength. You feel immersed in the natural cycle of life, in the alternation of rest and activity, of death and of the new birth. Your actions are driven by the desire to participate creatively in shaping life on your mother planet, in line with the generating force of the earth, with life in nature. It is easy for you to realize your goals in the world. Your life is led by an unflappable original confidence. You live the earth as a safe place where you receive everything you need: dedication, food, safety and protection. In this way you open yourself full of confidence to life on this earth and gratefully accept everything that it has arranged for you.

Inharmonious operation

When there is a one-sided accentuation or radical chakra dysfunction, your thinking and action predominantly revolve around material possession and security, as well as stimuli

and sensory pleasures, such as: good food, alcoholic beverages, sex, and so on. Everything you crave you would like to assimilate without thinking about the consequences. At the same time, you may find it difficult to give and receive honestly. You have the tendency to protect and limit yourself. Not infrequently, not being able to detach and wanting to retain it manifests itself on the body in the form of constipation and overweight.

Your action is predominantly aimed at satisfying only your own needs. And you ignore, or unconsciously ignore, the needs of others and your own body for a healthier and more moderate diet, sufficient rest and a balanced and harmonious lifestyle.

In the extreme case, you cling to certain ideas and ambitions that you cannot let go of. When your fixations are challenged by circumstances or by other people, you react by becoming aroused and angry easily. And in extreme situations, also in an angry and aggressive way. The violent imposition of one's own desires and ideas also falls within the purview of a deranged root chakra.

Anger, anger, and violence are ultimately defense mechanisms that point to an original lack of trust. Behind it is always the anguish of losing something or even not receiving something, which transmits security and well-being.

The Earth is for you a place that must be dominated and exploited, to guarantee the survival of man. Thus, the prey that today is carried out with the forces of the Earth, and the destruction of its natural balance, are symptoms of a radical chakra alteration in most of today's men.


With a blocked or closed radical chakra, your body constitution is quite weak and you have little capacity for physical and mental resistance. Many things in life worry you, and you know all too well the feelings of insecurity. Possibly you also have the feeling of not stepping on solid ground, you feel like "elevated" or "not present." Life's challenges are not easy for you to cope with, and you often lack the ability to assert yourself, as well as the stability. So life on this earth often seems like a burden to you and not a joy. Most of the time you long for a life that is easier, more enjoyable, and less demanding.

In case you have unilaterally developed your higher chakras, a hypofunction of the radical chakra can give you the feeling of not belonging to this Earth very well. Since you can only hardly capture the elemental vital energy of the earth through your radical chakra, it occurs (sometimes in combination with blockages of the sacral chakra and the solar plexus chakra) in some cases a magrosis (anorexia), a reaction of flight. Yet you will continue to be faced with the problems of "earthly life" until you have learned to accept them as milestones in a holistic evolution.


Natural experience

The contemplation of a blood-red rising or setting sun and a blazing dawn or dusk enlivens and harmonizes the radical chakra and unleashes the constricted structures that come within its scope.

To communicate with the calming, stabilizing and uplifting energy of our planet through the first chakra, sit in the position of the lotus, or of the tailor; on the bare earth and consciously breathe its scent.

If you can combine both experiences of nature with each other, it will produce an optimal all-round effect on the radical chakra.

Sound therapy

Musical form: Music with monotonous and strongly accented rhythms is ideal for activating the radical chakra. The archaic music of many primitive peoples is the one that best expresses this form of music. Likewise, their dances also aspire to establish a union with nature, with its forces and its creatures.

To harmonize the radical chakra, you can use the sounds of nature. In case you do not have the "original sound" at your disposal, these sounds are currently recorded on a multitude of magnetic tapes and discs.


Vowel: The root chakra is assigned the vowel "u". It is sung with the deep C tone of the musical scale. The "u" sound triggers a downward movement toward your roots. It leads you to the depths of the subconscious and activates the original earthly energies of the first chakra.


Mantra: LAM.



The first chakra is activated by a transparent and bright red. The color red warms and invigorates, provides vitality, dynamism and value. When red is mixed with a little blue, it helps you penetrate the vital instincts with intellectual force.


Gem therapy

Agate: Agate provides seriousness, resistance and balance. It helps to dissolve negative emotions and protects the inner being. It awakens the appreciation of the body itself and acts constructively on the organs of reproduction. Agate discs with a crystalline inclusion introduce you to growing life (be it a physical or spiritual child), security and protection. They provide confidence and facilitate deliveries.


Hematite: Hematite gives resistance and strength, has an empowering and uplifting effect on the body and mobilizes hidden forces. Therefore, it helps in states of weakness and supposes a support for healing after an illness. In addition, it promotes healthy blood and cell formation.


Blood jasper: Blood jasper, in green and red colors, unites you with the elemental force and patient love of "Mother Earth." It teaches you non-utilitarian character and modesty, strengthens the blood, brings vitality and stability, endurance and patience. It purifies and transforms the physical body, and conveys the feeling of security in the natural cycle of life, from which energy and rest can be created.


Garnet: Garnet brings active energy, intensity of will, self-confidence and success. Open your sight to the hidden until you reach clairvoyance. It stimulates sexuality and contributes to modifying it in a transforming and constructive force. At the body level, it collaborates in diseases of the sexual organs and stimulates blood circulation.


Red Coral: Red coral provides fluid life energy and strength. It has a stimulating and invigorating effect and favors hematopoiesis. It gives stability, and at the same time it favors flexibility, so that you can have confidence in yourself while simultaneously following the course of life.


Ruby: Ruby transmits an invigorating, warm and creative energy that leads to clarification and transformation. It establishes a harmonious link between corporal and spiritual love, between sexuality and spirituality, through which new ways of living are opened.



Cedar: The harsh aroma of cedar oil unites you with earthly forces and the essences of nature. It helps to gather energy, transmits tranquility and the feeling of security in the womb of Mother Earth.


Cloves: The scent of cloves helps to dissolve stagnant energies in the root chakra. It favors the disposition to release constraining structures, arising from the need for delimitation and security, and to be open to new and fresh energies. In this way, it brings transformation and renewal if you let the message of its vibrations enter you.




Hatha Yoga: Development of consciousness through the purification and stimulation of the body base through certain exercises and physical postures together with breathing exercises.

Kundalini Yoga: Awakening of the so-called serpent energy, which runs from the hip bone parallel to the spine and which, in its ascent, activates and vivifies all the other chakras. For this there are different physical and spiritual exercises.

Possibilities of purification & activation    

Mission & operation of the first chakra

Forms of yoga that act primarily on the first chakra

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