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Chakra Healing Center

What We Do

We offer spaces where everything quiets down and you are able to connect

yourself to the Divine, discover, express and release. 


Guest Suites & Spa

Our guest suites are thematically designed based on each of the 7 primary Chakras, highly customized including colors, music, aromatherapy, mandalas, and crystals for optimal personalized inner-work and relaxation. We offer daily morning Yoga classes, a variety of services, sound healing and much more.



We offer Holistic 7 to 14 day retreats with world-renowned leaders that transport you a step beyond the ordinary, facilitating  transformational experiences supporting your mental, emotional and physical healing, evolution and elevation of consciousness.


Ahó Restaurant

Everything that we put into our body can either enhance or negatively influence our health. From the ingredients and preparation to digestions and appreciation, every element of what's on our plate and how we eat food matters!



We offer sacred spaces  for holistic workshops, events, time to disconnect and reconnect, festivals, life celebrations and more.  You can register for activities relating to KEME IX amenities online at and with the KAJI mobile app.

Empowering Experiences

We offer Incredible facilities to receive our guests combining the latest multi-sensory technologies, tools

and practices of modern Holistic, Traditional Ancestral and  spiritual wisdom healing

Your Experience

Designed around your needs. We offer service through different ancestral and modern practices, energetic exercises, surrounded by each chakra elements and frequencies, music, workshops and chakra healing therapies as other related holistic specialities for personal healing taking you through a personalized journey.

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Chakra Meditations by KEME IX

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