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Irina Amarinei & Garret Woods

Practitioner's Kundalini Bodywork 

Kundalini Bodywork is a holistic practice that changes the bodies vibration by working on 3 levels at the same time, the physical, mental and emotional.

Dense emotions and chi are literally taken out of the body transformed and then pulled back in as we clear the pathway of Kundalini integrating masculine and feminine energies to unify in the 3rd eye. 

The practice includes:

- energetic bodywork

- emotional/body de-armouring 

- non-dual psychology 

- pranayama & breathwork practices

The work combines Tantric and Taoist practices with western science while being deeply rooted in Buddhist philosophy.

Sessions generally last between 1 hour 30 minutes and 2 hours.

Kundalini Bodywork works with you whereever you are at, be it depressed and wanting to transform a lot of trauma and sadness in your life into pleasure and joy, or be it mostly healed after years of self development work and desiring to level up with higher versions of yourself, attracting and manifesting what you desire in life.

Group work generally focus on Kundalini Activations as they are understood in the West: filling the body with chi and prana to clear the path of Kundalini, activating the whole energetic body to experience heightened states of consciousness. It is important to focus on transforming major trauma’s before activating someones energy.

Kundalini Bodywork teaches us universal law and programs universal law into the body so our outside environment really reflects our in.

Maximum 10 people.

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