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Junko Takai



Born in 1975 in Fukuoka, Japan from a family of sixteen generations of Samurai and Ninjas, Zen grew up surrounded by swords. Trained by his father, himself a swordsman, he learned the thousand-year-old physical manipulation methods of Samurai and Ninjas. From them, he developed his method of mindfulness.

Zen actively disseminates the spirit of Bushido and Zen philosophy, a source of pride for Japan, to the world. He has taught more that 2000 people at the Ninja Samurai Dojo in Asakusa Tokyo. He was given the Samurai name ‘Zen’ by his father, the name that is passed down from generation to generation in his family.

Retreat & Workshop Experience
2020: Samurai workshop in NY
2019: Samurai retreat in Lithuania
2016: Performance and lecture on “Samurai Martial Arts” at University of
Stony Brook in New York

2011: Lecture on “Traditional Japanese Performing Arts” at Waikato Univer- sity in New Zealand


Retreat 1st Stage

Based on Five Rings

Earth & The Elements

Breathing Exercise: Delivering energy to the whole body
Meditation: Explore inside yourself
Basic Sword Training: Sword form

names Makkaou - straight slash

Kesa - diagonal slash, top to down
Ichimonji - horizontal slash

Gyakukesa - diagonal slash, down to top Tuki- stab


Body Operation: Basic body stance (hip joint, legs, arms, shoulders, back)
Samurai walking using gravity.

What you can learn:
How to connect a grand.

History of the sword and Samurai philosophy Strengthen your core and improve posture Self-defense becomes self-confidence.


Retreat 2nd Stage

Based on Five Rings
Water & Fire

Breathing Exercise: Activates blood and cells; connect with the sun and animals Meditation: Feeling the freedom of water; increase the energy hidden in your body


Basic Sword Training: Parry and attack with opponent; strike with a sword


What you can learn:
Many different sword techniques

How to move smoothly without resistance. Move like water.

Retreat 3rd Stage

Based on Five Rings
Wind & Philosophy
Breathing Exercise: Tanden breathing
Meditation: Feel the flow of Chi (energy)
Basic Sword Training: Focus on swinging a sword like wind; secret hidden techniques inspired by nature and animals.

What you can learn:
Many styles/forms of sword swing. How to move smoothly without resistance Acquire proper behavior at all times. Samurai philosophy that can be applied to business.



Retreat 4th Stage

Based on Five Rings
Sky & Void

Breathing Exercise: Connect to nature and animals
Meditation: Focus just on breathing
Basic Sword Training: Sword techniques with imaginary opponents


What you can learn:
Many different sword techniques
Discover yourself
Sharpen intuition
Develop objectivity

Learn synchronization

Retreat 5th Stage

Five Rings Final

Breathing Exercise
Final Ceremony


The Master will give each participant a personal quote or their own unique element at the end of the 5th Level training.

Note: Most of Zen’s methods are based on ‘Five Rings’ by Musashi Miyamoto. Others are from secret techniques of authentic Samurai and Ninja from 400-1000 years ago. Zen Takai has modified these methods for modern times. Please be discreet with the content that you learn.

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