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 If you practice Yoga and Meditation, it is safe to say you have probably been to a class or listened to music and sounds that are aligned with each of the 7 Main Chakras. If we didn’t know better we might just feel that the music is played as it is relaxing and helps us come to a place where we can reconnect with our inner self; however there is so much more going on behind those beautiful sounds. 

Sound has long been known to have deep therapeutic and healing qualities, sound and music can also deeply alter our moods and state of mind. There are many varying frequencies and vibrations associated to music and sound, we can find ourselves drawn to some sounds and repulsed by others. And what resonates with one person may be totally different to another. For one listener the sounds of “Death Metal” music may create feelings of anger and stress, however other people listen to this genre of music to help relieve stress and let their anger go. As human beings we are touched by different things in different ways, and with music it may very well be the frequency that can bring the altered states. 

It is not uncommon to be hearing Solfeggio Frequencies when we are listening to Meditation and Chakra Healing sounds. Solfeggio Frequencies date back centuries and were thought to have been created by a Benedictine Monk by the name of Guido D’Arezzo (c.991 AD – c.1050AD). Solfeggio Frequencies where chanted by the Gregorian Monks during their meditation as the Monks believed the frequencies when sung in harmony could bring about spiritual awakening. These sacred Solfeggio Frequencies make up a 6-tone scale and each frequency is said to balance the whole body; physical, spiritual and emotional. Thus, lending themselves perfectly to the healing and balancing of the Yogic Chakra System. 

There are known to be 6 Original Solfeggio Frequencies; 

  • 396Hz – This is a low and smooth frequency that helps cleanse feelings of guilt, fear, and trauma. It is associated with Muladhara (Root) Chakra. 

  • 417Hz – Helps to bring on positive change and creativity. This frequency is known to help relieve stress and tension, helping to loosen tight muscles and joints, which increases physical mobility. 417Hz is associated with Svadhishthana (Sacral) Charka. 

  • 528Hz – This frequency brings about transformation and miracles in a persons’ life. It is particularly good for anxiety, pain relief, weight loss and to help rewire neural pathways in the brain. It is associated with Manipura (Solar) Chakra. 

  • 639Hz – The frequency of love and healing. It is deep and profound and connected with intimacy and vulnerability. It serves as a foundation for healthy relationships and inter connectivity. Its Chakra relationship is Anaharta (Heart). 

  • 741Hz – Deals with empowerment and speaking ones’ truth. 741Hz is helpful for generating ideas, clear speaking, creative thinking and increasing self-confidence. Vishudda (Throat) Chakra is the main beneficiary of 741Hz. 

  • 852Hz – The frequency of reconnection with the spiritual and higher order thinking. It cuts through illusions, helping one to see themselves with clarity in their environment. This frequency connects us with deep dreams, astral projections as well as connecting us with our authenticity. Ajna (3rd Eye) is the Chakra related here. 


 There have also been 3 more Solfeggio Frequencies revealed through deeper research; 174Hz, 285Hz and 963Hz.

  • 174Hz – The lowest of the Solfeggio Scale acts like an energetic anesthesia.  It is great for reducing pain in the physical self.  Its slow, low soothing qualities helps us to feel more safe, grounded and secure.

  • 285hz – Is most beneficial in targeting your energetic field, by addressing blockages and holes in our aura and misalignment in the Chakra system. 285hz is the frequency of choice for a lot of energy healers.

  • 963Hz – Connects us with Universal Wisdom, higher realms, and dimensions.  It assists with contacting ascended masters, the higher self and spiritual channeling, it is said to create strong ethereal connections to worlds beyond. 935Hz can also be related to Sahasrara (Crown) Chakra.

Ancient Civilizations have used the power of frequency and rhythm to hypnotise, heal and induce higher states of consciousness for centuries and there is deep and ancient science associated with the Solfeggio Frequencies.  So next time you are in an environment that is using the scale try and take note of what Frequency affects you the most and ask yourself why.  Perhaps in there lies some truth and an issue that needs to be cared for.


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